Mobile App Development

We develop smart mobile apps that save you money and time. Our team of developers offers cutting edge development services to meet your various business requirements.

Drones & GIS

Build applications that integrate with consumer and enterprise UAV platforms and GIS applications that can detect anomalies, augment inspection services and manage your assets.

AI & Machine Learning

We automate businesses and optimize processes by deploying smart AI and ML solutions. We specialize in data science, business consulting and other advanced AI & ML services.

IOT & Wearables

We provide IoT solutions and services for connected products and wearable devices across the globe. We provides solutions for all smart appliances for homes & offices, transportation & logistics, energy and automotive.

Blockchain Development

We offer blockchain development and blockchain powered solutions to build innovative products that have true utility token use-cases. Our dedicated team delivers highly efficient blockchain services all across the globe.

Chatbot Development

Elasticis works with ambitious companies that obsess over the customer experience. Chatbots provide customers with 24/7 access to information, leveraging NLP to engage in conversational and delightful ways.
We love taking products from idea to reality.

An Innovative Digital Solutions Company

Elasticis is a digital solutions company that focuses on developing reliable, innovative and economical technology solutions.
Broadly our services include Enterprise, Mobile, Web, Cloud Solutions. Our goal is to help businesses grow, transform and achieve their business objectives.

Our Process

Post Your Project Requirements

Our analysts will thoroughly review your project requirements and select the most experienced resource that is best-suited for your project.

Discuss Project Details

Our experts will contact you to discuss your project related queries and to offer the best solution for your project development.

Choose Engagement Terms & Timelines

Based on the project consultation provided by our experts, you can choose the engagement timelines for your project execution.


Our user-centric designers focus on both the interface (UI) and the experience (UX) by understanding who your audience is. We work collaboratively to define what it will take to move from merely customer satisfaction to customer delight.


This is the fun part (at least for us), where we put our team of developers, project managers and quality assurance engineers to work for you. With Elasticis, you not only get code that is beautifully written, but also one that is secure and scalable.

Launch & Review

Launching code is just the beginning. We are committed to providing the support you need to develop your roadmap, prioritize your backlog, and partnering with you for the long-term success of your business.
Building the Technology of Tomorrow's World!

We focus on emerging technologies, such as: Big Data, Analytics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain and Aerospace.

  • Elasticis provides big data analytics services to help enterprises integrate and bring together large volumes of data, transform & analyze the same leading to critical business decision making.
  • Elasticis big data & analytics services provide advance solutions to extract insight from your data which in turn helps you in refining the products and services

Our Preferred Software Development Tech

Elasticis’ team is experienced in all aspects of information technology and latest market trends to meet the ever growing demands of our customers and their businesses.

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Grow your business with our passionate and distributed software development team

We work closely with our clients that the products we develop for them cater to their current needs while meeting their future demands.
  • We unlock business value by deploying calibrated and proven process methodology that offers high performance business excellence, significantly reduce costs and optimize business processes for your organizational growth.
  • Elasticis unlocks latest thinking and business values by deploying calibrated and proven process methodology that offers high performance business excellence.